Patients - A Brief Guide
Using SurgiPrep is easy:

1. Register

You can register "solo".

You can then take an Interview and get a Report.

Alternatively, your doctor can register you. This is best because SurgiPrep can assign you an Interview approved by your doctor and related to your procedure. And we can help improve the communication between you, your doctor(s) and your hospital.

2. Interview

Once you're registered you login with your username and password and take a pre-procedure Interview.
You can also get information about anesthesia and about the procedure.
There may be an Interview you can take after your procedure, during your recovery at home.

3. Report

You can view and print a Report summarizing your medical history.

If your doctor is registered, your Report may also contain instructions.
Your doctor can tell you about professional fees and other necessities.
Your doctor will get a separate Report that looks slightly different from yours.

Good Luck!

SurgiPrep is new. As we grow up many more useful features are planned, so come back again. Oh, and good luck with your procedure!