SurgiPrep offers doctor-driven, patient-centred, perioperative screening, education, communication and workflow tools for elective surgical and medical procedures. In the current era of same day admit (SDA) and outpatient surgery SurgiPrep brings consistency to the sometimes hit-and-miss process of pre-procedure evaluation.

SurgiPrep helps make outpatient medical and surgical procedures safer, offers medico-legal protection by facilitating true informed consent, increases the efficiency of the surgery center or hospital, and improves the overall patient experience.

A More Complete Medical History

The medical history is the cornerstone of preoperative evaluation. Forty years of research have identified many benefits to computer-patient medical interviewing as a supplement to the doctor-patient interview. This approach produces a complete patient history that helps identify relevant clinical issues. The SurgiPrep preoperative interview presents questions in clear, simple language. SurgiPrep never forgets to ask important questions. With branching logic, problems can be explored in greater depth.

Better Documentation

Although more information is collected than during a conventional interview, SurgiPrep produces a legible and easily assimilated summary of the medical history that highlights important problems and minimizes information overload. In the subsequent interview with the patient the clinician can focus on the identified areas of importance rather than mundane information gathering.

Better Patient Experience

The SurgiPrep interview system is easy and enjoyable to use. The process is private, convenient and unhurried, and patients have time and resources to answer questions fully and accurately. Patients can explore and express their concerns and are better prepared to discuss these later with their doctors and nurses. Monotonous information gathering is replaced with "quality time", enhancing the doctor-patient or nurse-patient relationship. In healthy patients undergoing minor procedures SurgiPrep helps avoid unnecessary, inconvenient visits and referrals, which waste time and money.

Appropriate Preoperative Testing

SurgiPrep incorporates evidence- and consensus-based guidelines for the standardization of preoperative testing and can help reduce unnecessary and unreimbursed preoperative testing that increases cost and medicolegal risk.

More Efficient Surgical/Medical Suite

SurgiPrep can help reduce costly, unexpected case delays and keep cancellations to a minimum by ensuring that all patients receive a standardized screening evaluation and pre-procedure instructions, and do not arrive at the facility with unrecognized medical problems, having taken the wrong medications, or unwittingly transgressed NPO guidelines.

Greater Clinical Productivity

Savings in time and effort occur during pre-procedure processing, improving hospital or surgery centre staff productivity. Because patients are properly screened, on the day of the procedure clinicians spend less time chasing missing records or data, wading through voluminous paper records, or intensively evaluating complex patients moments before the procedure.

Better Communication, Fewer Mistakes

Miscommunication is a major cause of medical errors. Communication is improved through SurgiPrep's secure web, phone, and fax-based messaging systems [in development]. SurgiPrep supports electronic transmission of reports, alerts and messages between doctors, patients, and facilities [in development]. SurgiPrep's workflow system [in development] helps ensure that all necessary preoperative evaluation steps are taken, through to completion.

Risk Assessment & Decision Support

SurgiPrep does not make medical decisions but provides tools with which peer-reviewed evidence, adapted to local conditions through the consensus of the medical staff, can be applied by clients to clinical processes. SurgiPrep incorporates algorithms for assessing perioperative risk based on the planned surgical procedure and the patient's medical history. SurgiPrep's algorithms can highlight areas of perioperative clinical risk for action, e.g. diabetes, heart disease, smoking, obesity, sleep apnea. Appropriate further steps in pre-procedure evaluation can be taken in a timely fashion.

Patient Education

SurgiPrep supplies anaesthesia and procedure-specific [in development] educational information that increases patient's understanding of their care, fitting with the contemporary concept of the patient as partner in decision-making and as active participant in care.

Customized Patient Instructions

SurgiPrep accommodates facility-specific patient instructional material including driving directions and maps, contact information, scheduling, registration and admission instructions. Patients can get advice on medications, smoking and drug cessation, preoperative oral intake, and how to stay safe in hospital. SurgiPrep can deliver customized information about home-going and post-procedure recovery.

Genuinely Informed Consent

SurgiPrep can present materials that patients review to enhance their understanding of the nature, risk, benefits and alternatives of anaesthesia and the planned procedure. This approach supports the process of obtaining informed consent. The patient attests to their review of the material, which is documented, thus affording a measure of medico-legal protection to clinicians.

Anaesthesia Consultation Opportunities

SurgiPrep screens for anaesthesia-related clinical concerns that may warrant a preoperative consultation with the anaesthesiologist. Selective preoperative anaesthesia consultation improves the quality of care, and such referrals may be reimbursable. SurgiPrep supports the referral process, including the referral request from the surgeon, the creation of templates for recording the visit, generating a report to the referring doctor, and producing a bill [in development].

Postoperative Follow-up & Outcomes

SurgiPrep incorporates postoperative follow-up to document outcomes, including patient satisfaction, and to provide an early-warning system for complications.

Facilitates Adoption of Electronic Medical Records

SurgiPrep supports and adheres to evolving health data standards and will integrate with standards-compliant electronic medical record systems [in development]. Records can be exported to other information systems, analytic and decision support tools [in development]. There are no proprietary formats to prevent integration with other systems. SurgiPrep complies with the highest data privacy, integrity and security standards and HIPAA.

Professional Advisory Board

International clinical domain experts from the US, Canada, Europe and South Africa regularly review SurgiPrep's clinical rules and guidelines to ensure they are up-to-date and evidence-based.